Thursday, November 5, 2020

Bronx Health REACH Welcomes Our New FoodCorps Member


Welcome Kadijah Spence, our new FoodCorps member! 

We welcome Kadijah Spence, our new FoodCorps member. Kadijah will dedicate a year of service to engaging students and teachers in creating a school wide culture of health through experiential learning. Her education background is in environmental education and environmental studies. Her current research focused on Jewish values within Jewish environmental education curricula and/or programs. During her research, Kadijah connected with Jews of color, queer Jews and female-identifying Jews who are thriving in the environmental field. While connecting with these individuals, she began to comprehend that the overlap of social identities of community members influence the values and concerns within the community. Kadijah looks forward to using this knowledge as a tool to build community, communicate with community members, and fulfill community needs.

When she’s not researching the environment, she can be found in the outdoors, usually by a body of water. As a New Yorker, the Hudson River and its tributaries teaches her so much and offers her a place to daydream. She looks forward to learning about the strong values that bring the PSX443/The Family School and PS114/Luis Llorens Torres School communities together as well as the social and economic challenges they are working to overcome.  Kadijah wants her students to understand the outdoors through hands-on activities and transformative learning discussions. She is proud to continue to serve her community as an educator. 

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