Monday, November 2, 2020

13 Faith Based Organizations Recognized for Completing Healthy Children, Healthy Families Program


Faith based partners were recognized for completing the Healthy Children, Healthy Families program at an event in February.

Right before the Pandemic struck and we all were required to stop meeting in person, 33 people representing 13 faith based organizations gathered at Pentecostal Temple of the Living God to recognize the impact of the Healthy Children, Healthy Families program, on the children, families and faith based organizations that participated in the program in 2019. The organizations honored include: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Christian Community Neighborhood Church Inc., Creston Avenue Baptist Church, Water of Life-Mission Pentecostal Rehoboth, King of Glory Tabernacle, Williams Institutional Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Pentecostal Temple of the Living God, Fellowship Baptist Church and St. Augustine Our Lady of Victory Church. Members from Grand Concourse Seventh Day Adventist, Church of God-Soundview, Bronx Spanish Evangelical Church and New Life Rehoboth Church were unable to attend, but also completed the program in 2019.    

Bronx Health REACH Director, Charmaine Ruddock, welcomed the group by mentioning how important the Healthy Children, Healthy Families program is to the Bronx, as the Bronx is currently ranked 62 out of 62, the least healthy county in New York state based on the Robert Wood Johnson County Health Rankings and Roadmaps. She pointed out that by participating in the Healthy Children, Healthy Families program, the families were making strides towards a healthy life and would be part of improving the overall health of the Bronx.

Naiomie Michelle from King of Glory Tabernacle stated that the children from her church had so much fun in the workshops, they would invite their neighborhood friends to participate as well.  "This program helped to build community and had a huge impact not only on teaching the children about healthy eating, but making the connection between each workshop lesson and the spiritual values that are so meaningful to myself and the participants," she said. The Healthy Children, Healthy Families program ended this summer. 537 adults and children participated in the program.

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