Thursday, June 28, 2018

Unionport School-PS36 and Saba Deli Unveil Don't Stress, Eat Fresh Campaign

Students from Unionport School-PS36 gave out samples of their Fruit Fix fruit cup.
Unionport School-PS36 students and Saba Quality Plus Deli unveiled their Don't Stress, Eat Fresh healthy bodega marketing campaign on Tuesday, June 12. Students offered free fruit salad samples to Saba Quality Plus Deli customers and promoted Saba by featuring the fruit salad during morning announcements, classroom and cafeteria presentations and by distributing fliers. Bronx Health REACH provided Saba Quality Plus Deli with training and technical support on how to better promote the fruit salad.

"The fruit cup has grapes, strawberries and mangos. We are encouraging people to eat healthier this summer by purchasing the fruit cup instead of Takis and to drink water instead of Coke," said Christian, a student involved with the program. Ms. Judith Siegel, a teacher leading the class remarked, "After visiting some of the local bodegas we learned there were not a lot of healthy choices for the students, so we decided to create the Fruit Fix fruit cup and Saba generously agreed to sell it during the summer for $2."

This is part of a borough wide initiative launched by the Institute for Family Health's Bronx Health REACH, the Bodega Association and the Bronx Bodega Workgroup to encourage Bronx residents to purchase healthier foods and beverages at 56 participating bodegas in the Bronx.

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