Wednesday, June 24, 2009


  • Sign on to the NYC Alliance for Child Nutrition Reauthorization!
  • Tell your legislators to support a Sugar Sweetened Beverage tax! This tax would include not only soda, but all Substantive taxes could change consumption patterns and help to reduce obesity rates, while at the minimum, small taxes could be a way to raise money for public health initiatives. Here's an article about the Sugar Sweetened Beverage tax from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. According to Representative Charlie Rangel (D-NY), past Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, a new excise tax on beverages of 10-cents-per-can could help pay for a new healthcare plan, by raising $112 billion.
  • FoodprintNYC Petition - make NYC food more local and sustainable!

  • Petition to bring back composting to NYC

  • Tell your Representative to support HR 2590, which would extend coverage under Medicare for medical nutrition therapy services to people with pre-diabetes or with risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes. (Right now only care for full-blown diabetes is covered, not prediabetes.) Here are some guidelines for how to contact your Congressmen.

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