Monday, August 26, 2019

Bronx Health REACH's Charmaine Ruddock Selected as CDC's Office of Minority Health Equity Champion

Congratulations to BHR's Project Director Charmaine Ruddock who was selected as the Office of Minority Health and Health Equity Champion. Leandris C. Liburd, Director, Office of Minority Health & Health Equity (OMHHE) commented, "Our Health Equity Champion is one of the pioneers who has contributed significantly to the implementation of REACH and its branding as CDC’s flagship health disparities program.  We are honored to recognize Charmaine Ruddock who leads the Bronx Health REACH program. I can personally attest to her tireless commitment to reducing racial and ethnic health disparities in the Bronx and her sustained efforts to support REACH nationally."

Great job Charmaine. We are proud of your leadership!

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