Monday, February 20, 2017

The Bronx Salad Available at Nine Bronx Eateries

The Bronx Salad is offered as part of the food bar at Fine Fare Supermarket in the Bronx.

You now have nine places to get a taste of The Bronx Salad. Rolled out during Restaurant Week, restaurant owners report that customer response has been very positive. Miriam, owner of Delmy at 456 East 149th Street found The Bronx Salad to be a hit with school teachers. "Teachers from three nearby schools liked it, and I have sold 14 Bronx Salads over the past week." Jose, a worker at the Fine Fare deli counter across the street from Delmy makes The Bronx Salad as part of the buffet offered every day. "Customers can see all the ingredients in it, and I have been going through two trays a day of The Bronx Salad. Myself, I am picky when it comes to trying new things, but I tried (The Bronx Salad) and love it."

Mira, along with husband Al, owners of Viktoria Restaurant, is a big fan of The Bronx Salad. "The Bronx Salad is awesome. It has everything, and is very simple to make. When the servers bring out The Bronx Salad, other customers ask, 'What is that?' as it is visually appealing." Viktoria has made The Bronx Salad an entree as well, so customers can add chicken or shrimp to the salad. "It becomes a meal that fills up our health conscious customers," added Mira.

You can find The Bronx Salad at the following Bronx locations:

Camaguey, 514 East 138th Street
Delicioso, 423 East 149th Street
Delmys, 456 East 149th Street
Don Pancho's Steak House,  43 Bruckner Avenue
El Nuevo Delicioso, 410 East 148th Street
Fine Fare Supermarket, 459 East 149th Street
Mexicosina, 503 Jackson Avenue
Mott Haven Bar and Grill, 1 Bruckner Avenue
Viva Cafe, 555 Bergen Avenue

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