Monday, September 30, 2019

Don't Stress, Eat Fresh Healthy Bodega Campaign was at Boogie on the Boulevard

Participants exercising with low sodium bean cans purchased from a local partner bodega. 

On Sunday, September 15th, the center lanes of the Grand Concourse, from 162nd Street to 170th Streets were closed to vehicles and open to a world of fun for the 6th Annual Boogie on the Boulevard. The Institute for Family Health/Bronx Health REACH was one of the sponsors of the event that featured music, art, dance, fitness programs and healthy food samples for Bronx residents to enjoy.

Bronx Health REACH showcased the Don't Stress, Eat Fresh Healthy Bodega campaign as part of its Healthy Bodega block. There were delicious healthy food samples from Sustainable Snacks, Cabot Cheese and partner bodega Aqui me Quedo. The Healthy Beverage Zone distributed fruit infused water. Partners in the Fresch Grab & Go! Bodega initiative offered healthy food samples.

One mom pointing to the Rethink Your Drink! display with the large, sugar filled bag beneath the Arizona Iced Tea can, warned her son that if he continues to drink it everyday, he will suffer from diabetes and other health complications as he gets older.

In addition to all the food sampling, there was the Healthy Bodega challenge games led by  Maurelhena Walles and Talik Norman of Equity Design. Participants had fun using cans of low sodium beans as weights to exercise. There was also a relay race to gather as many healthy food items as you would find in a bodega.  To cap off all the activities at the Healthy Bodega Block there was a raffle and four lucky winners each received a Healthy Bodega Bag stocked with all kinds of goodies. Fun was had by all.

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