Thursday, June 27, 2019

Assemblymember Pichardo Visits Health Disparities Workgroup Partner Bodega and School

New York State Assemblymember Victor M. Pichardo attended March's Bronx Health REACH Health Disparities Workgroup meeting. 

In March New York State Assemblymember Victor M. Pichardo (86th District) attended several Bronx Health REACH events, including: our March Health Disparities Workgroup meeting, a visit to a  Bronx Health REACH partner bodega, G Deli; and a visit to PS 58, one of our partner schools.

At the Workgroup meeting, the Assemblymember provided insight in ways the Workgroup could create more awareness about the  #Not62 campaign, especially with elected officials. He also shared how important it is for Bronx residents to register to vote, and then to vote. "Until more Bronx residents get out and vote, the Bronx will continue to remain the unhealthiest county," noted the Assemblyman.

Marquis Garcia, owner of G Deli, a partner bodega in the Healthy Bodega Program spoke with New York State Assemblyman Victor M. Pichardo.

His visit to one of our partner bodegas in the Healthy Bodega program, G Deli, located at 551 East 178th Street, gave owner Marquis Garcia the chance to tell the Assemblyman about the 'Don't Stress, Eat Fresh' healthy bodega campaign. Mr. Garcia spoke of his and the Bodega Association’s commitment to offering healthy foods to customers who ask for them.

At PS58 the Assemblymember spoke with Principal Gunn, Assistant Principal Ramdas, PE teacher Mr. Judson, and Parent Coordinator Ms. Harris about the work they have been able to put in place for physical education and promoting healthy eating with existing resources. The school’s physical education teacher was brought on as a result of the PE4ALL Coalition’s successful campaign to the New York City Council which resulted in more certified PE teachers for more schools. Unfortunately, Ms. Gunn related, with the funding running out, she fears she will no longer be able to keep the teacher on staff. She worries, as many school administrators do, that cuts to the PE funding for her school will have negative implications for her students’ overall wellness.

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